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Sunday, December 27, 2009

hai all..first time duk blogging so there's a lot of things in my life i wanna express da way,i nak share citer pasal my daughter @ my lil munchkin.she's now almost 4 months.dah pandai gelak2 ngn ngiring.last night,die dh try nak meniarap lak tapi takleh lagi sampai merah2 muke die nak meniarap.hehe..bila tengok die balik,teringat 5th sept 09 i was giving birth to her at pantai medical centre, was a very precious moment for me.tapi slack tak sempat nak amek gambar masa dia,just ada gambar time cukur jambul jer.enjoy gambar dibawah!
Posted by ct shah at 9:59 PM

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